In the Valley of White Earth

Art in the Mine

An event entitled ‘Art in the Mine’ took place on July 30 – 31 at the Hirschau-West Pit which belongs to the Amberg Kaolin Works. It was another feature on the programme of events organised by the Hirschau-Schnaittenbach Kaolin Mine GeoPark. A natural 20-by-40m rockface in the pit functioned as a projection screen for a multi-slide performance by Wolfgang Michl and Adelbert Fust, and for light installations by Christian Havlicek, as well as for short films shown by the Regensburg Film Workshop. The evening ended with an art performance entitled ‘Firewater’, composed by Wilhelm Koch and Klaus Welz, with light installations and a musical accompaniment. They were assisted by the junior members of the Hirschau and Schnaittenbach fire brigades, who created fountains of water. The music for the event was played by Heinz Grobmeier with his ‘Kaolinos’, the Hirschau-Schnaittenbach Kaolin Band, and a brass band from Nová Role in the Czech Republic. In order to unite art and technology, pieces of mining equipment, such as excavators and dumper trucks, were presented as illuminated ‘exhibits’ by the Amberg Kaolin Works. One day after the event, mining went on at the pit site just as usual.

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